Hand-out, Grade 7, Lesson 3

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Автор материала: Narmakhan Aziya Abaikyzy

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Discipline: English language

Grade: 7th Term: First

Theme: Hobbies & Leisure Teacher: Narmakhan A. A.

Lesson № 3

‘’Presenting a table of information and statistics about young people in Kazakhstan (This relates to Maths)''

Grammar. Very / much / as….as/ too / enough

- We use very / extremely + adjective to give emphasis to it. Hang-gliding is very difficult.

- We use much + comparative adjective to make a comparison stronger. Sarah is much faster than Jane.

- We use as + adjective + as to show that two things are / are not the same. Rock climbing is a difficult as snowboarding. Kayaking isn't as exciting as hang-gliding.

Task 1. Fill in the correct form of the words in brackets (comparative or superlative).

  1. My house is (big)  __________ than yours.

  2. This flower is (beautiful)  __________ than that one.

  3. This is the (interesting)  __________ book I have ever read.

  4. Non-smokers usually live (long)  __________ than smokers.

  5. Which is the (dangerous)  __________ animal in the world?

  6. A holiday by the sea is (good) __________ than a holiday in the mountains.

  7. It is strange but often a coke is (expensive)  __________ than a beer.

  8. Who is the (rich)  __________ woman on earth?

  9. The weather this summer is even (bad)  __________ than last summer.

  10. He was the (clever)  _________ thief of all.

Task 2. p. 9 ex. 6, 7, 8

We use too + adjective to show that something is more than we want. Sam is too shy to speak to people he doesn’t know.

We use adjective + enough to show that something is as much as we want. She’s good enough to win the tournament.

Task 3. p. 9, ex. 8, 9, 10


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