Hand-out, Grade 7, Lesson 6

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Автор материала: Narmakhan Aziya Abaikyzy

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Discipline: English language

Grade: 7th Term: First

Theme: Health & Leisure Teacher: Narmakhan A. A.

Lesson 6

“Unit revision”

Language review on p. 113


1 Put the words in the correct order.

Example: is Lily now what doing ?

What is Lily doing now?

1 read every do a day newspaper you ?


2 wearing are they why tracksuits ?


3 cups many drink how of did tea you ?


4 musical can any instruments Tony play ?


5 to Sasha which does school go ?


6 are what studying you university at ?



2 Complete Paloma’s email. Use the verb in brackets in the present simple or present continuous.

Hi Mandy

My name’s Paloma and I live (live) in Madrid. I go to the cinema sometimes, but I
1 _______________ (love) the theatre. What about you? 2 ______________ you ______________ (prefer) the cinema or the theatre?

I’m a student, but it’s the winter holidays, so now I 3 _______________ (not study) –
I 4 _______________ (work) in a shop. I 5 _______________ (want) some extra money because I’m going to visit Russia next year! I 6 _______________ (not speak) Russian very well, so I 7 _______________ (have) some lessons.
8 ______________ you ______________ (learn) any languages at the moment?

Write soon



3 Underline the correct word or phrase.

Example: Martin goes / go / is go to the cinema every week.

1 All of my friends has / have / are have good jobs.

2 We don’t know / doesn’t know / not know Kerry very well.

3 What time finishes Dave / Dave finishes / does Dave finish work?

4 Listen! Someone playing / is playing / he’s playing the violin.

5 Tom and Kate not working / aren’t working / no are working today.

6 Why you’re using / you using / are you using my computer?


Grammar total



4 Match the words in the box with the definitions. There are five words you don’t need.

a tracksuit a coat a bracelet sandals a cap
gloves tights a ring a scarf a suit boots a T-shirt

Example: You wear them on your feet in summer. sandals

1 Jewellery you wear on your finger. __________

2 A jacket and a pair of trousers or a skirt. __________

3 A top you wear in summer. __________

4 You wear them on your hands when it’s cold. __________

5 Winter footwear. __________

6 You wear it over your clothes when you go out. __________


5 Underline the correct preposition.

Example: Who do you sit next to / under / on at work?

1 There’s a big tree behind / in front / in the middle of our house.

2 My son has posters in / between / on the walls of his bedroom.

3 My desk is the one between / on the left / near the window.

4 This is a photo of my family. That’s me in / on / to the middle.

5 Who’s the man standing behind / on the right / under you in this photo?

6 There’s a table on / in front / between my desk and the window.


6 Complete the sentences with the correct word.

Example: You were very quiet. Why didn’t you say anything?

talkative friendly quiet

1 He’s __________ height and a little bit overweight.

short medium tall

2 Mary never does any work! She’s very ___________.

generous hard-working lazy

3 Tamsin’s very ___________. She loves meeting new people.

extrovert hard-working clever

4 Antonio is ___________ because he doesn’t do any exercise.

thin overweight slim

5 My teacher’s really ___________. She’s nice to everybody.

funny mean friendly

6 Jamie doesn’t have any hair. He’s ___________.

fair bald blond

7 Olga has __________ curly hair.

big straight long

8 David makes me laugh. He’s really __________.

funny quiet serious


Vocabulary total


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