Lesson plan "Clothes and colours" (grade 5)

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Автор материала: Тулегенова Бахытгуль Турганбековна

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Lesson plan

Teacher: Tulegenova B.T

Subject: English

Class: 5


Theme of the lesson: “Clothes and colours”.

Aims of the lesson: To introduce and study new theme “Clothes and colours”.

Class equipment and materials: Interactive white board, computer, Internet. Talking flashcard, video files and online games. Cards, books. Class sets of coloured crayons. White posters, scissors and glue.

Lesson stage. Stage 1:

-Good afternoon, pupils!

Good afternoon, teacher!

-How are you today?

We are fine thank you and you?

-I’m fine too, thank you sit down. Pupils, today we have an open lesson. As you see there are some guests and teachers. So, let me start our lesson.

Checkup for pupils. The date and theme is written on the blackboard.

Division into groups. There are three different colours (red, green and yellow). Pupils choose any they like and divided into groups and take their sits.

Teacher checks for pupils’ copybooks and books.

Stage 2: Icebreaker. Pupils watch Teamwork icebreaker.

-What do you understand from the video? We should work as one team, support each other, cause our strength in our team. If we work together, we will win.

Checkup for Homework. Learn by heart a dialogue. Pupils work in pairs.

Stage 3: New theme “Clothes and colours”.

-Write the theme into your copybooks, please. I will show you a talking flashcard you must repeat. -And I will show you also colours, please repeat. White, yellow, green, red, blue, purple, pink, orange, grey, brown, black. www.kiddyhouse.com/Themes/colors/colorchange1.html. (6 min)

Stage 4: Work in groups. Work with cards “Clothes and colours”.

Pupils ask each other’s questions. ‘What colour is dress?’ It’s orange.

Online game. Kids games. – Learn words – Clothes. Pupils come to the interactive board and choose suitable word.

Stage 5: Work with books. Pupils do an exercise, read colours one by one.

Online game. Kids games. – Play with words – Winter clothes II. Pupils paint clothes.

Stage 6: Work with posters in groups.

-There are some clothes pictures. You must glue these pictures, if possible write names on the poster. Then come to the blackboard and name clothes and colours.

For example: Black shoes. Blue skirt.

Stage 7: Sing a song “Colours song”.

Reflection: Mountain achievements.

-How do you like the lesson?

How do you feel yourselves?

Do you understand the new theme?

Or is there any problem about the lesson?

-2* and 1 wish please come to the blackboard and glue sticker where you see yourselves.

Homework: To learn by heart vocabulary “Clothes and colours”.



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