Разработка урока по теме Здоровый образ жизни

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Автор материала: Михайлова Галина Ивановна

Содержимое документа:

Разработка урока

по теме “ HEALTHY LIVING GUIDE” (9 кл)

(автор УМК В.П. Кузовлев и др.)

Цели урока:


1. Совершенствование монологической речи, умение высказываться логично и связно, продуктивно, умение анализировать и выражать своё мнение, описывать происходящие события.

2.Развитие навыков чтения с выборочным извлечением нужной информации.


  1. Развитие аналитических способностей учащихся, умения сравнивать, анализировать, обобщать изученный материал по теме.

  2. Развитие личностной активности.

  3. Развитие умения работать в группе.

  4. Развитие умения воображать, драматизировать.


1. Осознание проблемы здорового образа жизни, негативного влияния вредных привычек на здоровье человека.


  1. Воспитание заинтересованности в своём собственном здоровье, осознанного отношения к своему собственному здоровью.

  2. Воспитание понимания основных направлений здорового образа жизни.

  3. Воспитание отрицательного отношения к вредным для здоровья привычкам.

Форма проведения: урок – творческий отчёт

Оснащение: макет дома; раздаточный материал: тексты для работы в группах, карточки для скрытого контроля знаний; аудиозапись песни.


Начало урока. Приветствие. Введение учащихся в сюжет урока.

T: Good morning. How are you? Are you in good mood?
I’m happy to see you looking well. Is there anything more important than health?
I don’t think so. “Health is the greatest wealth”, wise people say.

Фонетическая зарядка

To be healthy in your life,

Don’t forget to do all five!

Get up early, quick and bright
Exercises with all your might.

In the morning jump and run,

Eat your healthy breakfast

Train your body, train your brain

And all bad habits pass away.

T: Answer the questions:

T: Why have I asked you these questions? What is the main idea of our lesson?

Предполагаемые ответы:
P1: I suppose we’ll speak about health.

P2: I think we’ll speak about good and bad habits.

  1. Сообщение темы и цели урока.

T: You are right. But today we have an unusual lesson. Today you are not pupils, you are builders. And we’ll build an unordinary house. It is a house of our health. Are you ready? Then, let’s start. Today is very important to be healthy.
By the way, what does the word “healthy” mean for you? What do you think are the main directions of being healthy?

Предполагаемые ответы:
P1 – I think to be healthy means that every organ works well.

P2 – When people haven’t bad habits.

P3 – When people take care about their health…

T: I see that the problem of health is in your attention.

Today we’ll speak about our health, about what should we do to be healthy.
During the lesson you’ll get a chance to check your knowledge of the topic and gain the experience of speaking in front of the class, using your vocabulary, texts, our computer presentation.

  1. Актуализация лексических единиц и развитие монологической речи.

Building a healthy house.

T: Let’s imagine a nice and comfortable house. It is built on years, perhaps on centuries.
Let’s imagine our healthy living guide in the form of the house. And everybody of you must take an active part in the building of this house. What kind of house it will be, it depends of your attitude.
Step 1.
T: What is our first step of building?
P: I think, we must choose a place. I would like to have a house among trees.

P2: It’s must be a plain .

P3: The house must be near the clean river or near the pond and green trees.

T: With what word of our health do you associated the word “place”.

P: With fresh air and fresh water.
P2: I want to say that our planet is only a tiny part of the universe, but nowadays it’s the only place, where we can live. Air and water pollution and over population are the problems that triten human lives on the Earth. That’s why I would like to have a house in clean, green and safe place with lots of plants and near the river. (Крепит на доску деревья и пруд)

T: It’s a nice place, isn’t – it?
Cl: Yes, we agree with you.

Step 2

T: So, we choosed the place and now let’s begin to built the base of the house. It’s our second step. My friends, what factors influence on our health?

Cl: Heredity [hi’rediti]

Living guide

Our environment

Medical service


T: What is the base of our house?

Cl: Heredity

T: Yes, heredity it’s our ”roots”. Why do you think so?

P: Statistics show that longevity of grandparents increases the chances their grandchildren.

I think we must know health of our older generation, because some diseases are inherited for example: diabetes, cancer.

P2: Another example – is alcoholism. Doctors believe alcoholism is a disease and the inclination to alcohol may inherit. This is due biochemical processes in the body. So, I put the stones of heredity in the foundation of our house of health.(Устанавливает фундамент)

Step 3

T: So we must build the walls. What is the main building material?

P – stones, wood.

T: And how many stones do we need to build a house?

CL: A lot.

T: What is the main material of life style?

CL: Living guide.

T: How do you understand a Healthy Living Guide?

P1: Healthy eating

P2: Physical activity

P3: Working and resting conditions

P4: Emotional condition. Etc.

T: Why these reasons are important for us? Prove it. Who wants to be the builder?

5. Монологическая речь учащихся. (рассказы учащихся о здоровом образе жизни, затем крепят стены дома)

6.Тест на самооценку школьниками своего образа жизни

T: And now you have a small test “Do you keep fit. Put ”One” for each ”Yes”

Yes No

  1. Do you eat fruits and vegetables every day?

  2. Do you go in for sport?

  3. Do you watch TV for more than an hour a day?

  4. Do you eat sweets every day?

  5. Do you sleep 8-10 hours a day?

  6. Do you think about your health?

Score: 0-3: Oh, dear, for get about sweets and chips. You need fruits and vegetables.

3-4: Do more exercices.

5-6: You keep fit! Well done.

T: What is your score? (Учащиеся дают краткие ответы)

T: If you want to be healthy you have to keep fit.

Step 4

T: What is our next step of building the house?

P1: It’s a roof.

T: What does the roof mean for you?

P2: I think, the roof protects us from bad habits.

T: What bad habits can people have? In my opinion teenagers have 9 worst health habits. They are: smoking, drinking alcohol, drugs, eating too much high fat food, sleeping too little, physical inactivity, having meal not regularly, spending too much time watching TV, playing computer games. Which of the arguments will you use to convince your friends not to smoke or drink too much alcohol?

Cl: (Учащиеся рассказывают о влиянии плохих привычек на здоровье человека.)

T: And now, what is your personal attitude towards health?

(монологическая речь учащихся о личном отношении к здоровому образу жизни)

P2: I think the following fragment must protect us form bad habits. It’s a roof of our house.

(ставит крышу дома)

Step 5

T: What are windows in our house? What do they symbolize?

P1 – knowledge

P2 – medical service

T: I suppose windows are our knowledge. Do you know the proverb “Knowledge is a power.”?

Only all – round education person may understand the necessary to have healthy living guide.

And windows open to people to see new methods to treatment of many diseases.

P1: I want to add that scientists say that in the future people will live longer. Whith healthier lifestyles and better medical care the average person will live to 90 or 100 instead of 70 and 75 like today. When the human genome is decoded, we’ll probably live up to 150. Incurable diseases will be cured and “bad” genes replaced.

P2: But that’s tomorrow. And today we all know that the healthier we are, the better we feed. The better we feel, the longer we live. So why not take care of ourselves?

T: So, we finished the construction of our house of health. Let it be comfortable, clean and stable. Sport, healthy food and absence of bad habits help us to live a healthy life. It can help us to relax and to keep fit, to make new friends and to plan our life, to develop our mind and body and to be strong.

Чтение текста по группам


Первая группа готовит коллаж по тексту.

Вторая группа инсценирует текст.


The world is getting fatter

If you are young and fit / don’t think this doesn’t concern you. Teenagers, too, are getting fatter. Obesity rates in teens, according to expert, are doubling.

Surveys show that the favorite foods among teenagers both in Europe and the USA are;

Hamburgers /cheeseburgers, beefburgers , eggburgers, in fact anythingburgers.

Chips / they are called French fries in America

Hot dogs


Ice cream

Besides, young people watch too much TV. The average British teenagers, for example, spend 27 hours a week in front of the “box”, and nobody knows how much time he sits in front of computer. What will today’s teenagers look like when they grow up? Imagine yourself as a lasy, fat old man or woman with eyes glued to thee TV screen, hands down a packet of chips, munch-munch, staring at the glaring pictures. A real nightmare! But this is the danger hanging over your life!

  1. Concern – касаться, иметь отношение.

  2. Rate – определить, устанавливать.

  3. Are doubling – удваивается.

  4. Eyes glued – неотрывно глядящие глаза.

  5. Munch-munch – жевать, чавкать.

  6. Staring at the glaring pictures – пристально смотрящие на светящие картинки.

  7. Nightmare - кошмар.

Скрытый контроль знаний

1 Группа: Put the necessary words in the sentences:

  1. … is one of the dangerous bad habits. A. Disease

  2. It is not important for the person to follow a … diet. B. Advantages

  3. Pneumonia is a … of little children. C. Vitamin

  4. … D is good for bones. D. Eyesight

  5. Carrots are good for your … E. Activity

  6. Calcium is an example of … F. Smoking

  7. Physical … is useful for teenagers` health. G. Minerals

  8. Dieting has it’s … and disadvantages. H. Balanced

2 Группа

Put: True or False

  1. Smoking is one of the dangerous bad habits.

  2. It is not important for the person to follow a balanced diet.

  3. Pneumonia is a disease of little children.

  4. Vitamin D is good for your bones.

  5. Carrots are good for your eyesight.

  6. Calcium is an example of minerals.

  7. Physical inactivity is useful for teenagers` health.

  8. Dieting h...

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