Сценарный план урока английского языка (страноведение) на английском языке по теме "Знаменитые американские бренды"

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Автор материала: Леонова Марина Анатольевна

Содержимое документа:


Lesson Title: Famous American Brands

Teacher: Marina Leonova

Grade Level(s): Grade 10

Target students’ group: 15-17 years old

Content: EFL/ Country Study Length of Session: 45 minutes

Total Number of Students: 13


This lesson can be a part of the Country Studies course “The USA” as it provides students with lots of material about famous US brands, which will improve their cultural awareness about the country.


Literacy goals


Learning Outcomes

By the end of the lesson, students should be able to

Materials & References

Working sheets with different tasks

Video «Welcome to a Big Apple»

Travel leaflets

Audio-visual aids

KWL chart, pictures of famous brands, Power Point Presentations (American Brands), handout (key vocabulary)





Students’ actions


Interaction form

Warm-up activity.

(Activate prior knowledge)


T shows pictures of brands and asks SS to guess the topic of the lesson. T. asks SS to define “brand”

T. suggests KWL chart

T elicits the students’ knowledge and asks SS what they want to learn about famous American brands

SS guess the lesson topic and say what they know about brands, about American brands, give a definition of “a brand” and what they want to learn

Pictures of famous brands

KWL chart on the board

T- S1- S2- S…



    T clarifies the aims of the lesson

      Pre-listening task (Prepare for listening)


      T gives each S a card with either a piece of vocabulary or a definition on it.

      T asks students why NYC can be considered as a brand city.

      SS in pairs discuss new vocabulary, practice it with T and each other

      Handout (key vocabulary)

      Pair work


        Listening Comprehension


        T offers while-listening activities (questions to answer and True/False sentences task).

        What kind of city is New York?

        What is the heart of the city?

        How many boroughs are there in the city?

        What is the most famous sight of NY?

        When was the Empire State Building built?

        Where can you relax in NYC?

        SS should be ready to answer the questions.


        Individual work

        (T/F worksheet)

        The whole class activity (questions)


          (after-listening activities)


          T makes grouping and offers questions to discuss:

          Do you have anything to tell us about New York City?

          Can you tell us what sights in NY you would like to visit?

          Students have some time to discuss in groups and work with travel leaflets.

          Travel leaflets

          Group work

            Students’ presentations on American brands.


            T encourages SS to watch PPPs, ask questions and actively discuss the content

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