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Test “Future Tenses. Clauses”

Choose the correct variant.

  1. When you (arrive) _______ , we (go) ____________ to the cinema together.

  2. She (not help) ___________ until we (ask) ______________ her to do it.

  3. As soon as it (get) ________ warmer, I (go) __________ for a walk to the woods.

  4. While I (pick) __________ plums , my children (sit) __________ in the sun.

  5. Till the streets (be) __________ full of cars, I (stay) __________________ here.

  6. When the phone (ring) __________, somebody (pick) _________________ it up.

  7. I (not talk) __________ with him until he (apologise) _________________ to me.

  8. You can (take) _____ pictures inside the gallery as long as you (not use) ____ a flash.

  9. I (not pay) _________ you until I (get) ___________________ the pay cheque.

  10. I (come) _______ to your party after I (eat) _______ dinner with old friends from the university.

  11. Do you think people __________ (travel) to the Moon again?

  12. Tomorrow we ______________ (rehearse) a school play in the gym.

  13. Dad _____________ (wait) for you at the station when you arrive next week.

  14. Tidy your room now or you ______________ (stay) at home tonight.

  15. By the end of this year I _____________ (visit) Brazil.

  16. What ______________ (you, do) tomorrow at 3 p.m.?

  17. Look at that car! It _______________ (crash) if the driver doesn’t slow down.

  18. If I don’t know the answer, I _______________ (ask) my elder sister.

  19. We _____________ (have) a picnic next weekend. Would you like to come?

  20. Sue and Jack ____________ (finish) their IT project by tomorrow afternoon.

  21. At 8 o’clock on Sunday my parents ______ (go) to the theatre with their friends.

  22. Pamela looks sad. She ________________ (cry).

  23. At this time next week, Sandra_____________ (take) her driving test.

  24. Dave ________________ (play) chess with me next Friday.

Join the sentences using the correct linking words. – when, before, in case, so that,

after, as soon as, so…….that, until by the time,

  1. He received the telegram. He left immediately. – He left as soon as he received the telegram.

  2. She left the house. She locked the windows. - _____________________________

  3. They finished their meal. She made some coffee. - __________________________

  4. She was working in the garden. He was painting the garage. - _________________

  5. Mrs Brown bought some sweets. Her grandchildren might visit her. - ___________

  6. Debbie hid her diary. She didn’t want anyone to read it. -______________________

  7. I was happy. I cried.- __________________________________________________

  8. He had left the gallery. We got there. - ____________________________________

  9. You mustn’t leave the office. You’ve typed those letters. -______________________

  10. I used to play hockey. I was in secondary school. _____________________________

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