Внеклассная работа по английскому языку: краткие биографии Д.Дефо, А.Селкирка и сценка "Робинзон и Пятница"

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Автор материала: Романова Елена Юрьевна

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1 Daniel Defoe was born in London in 1660. He was the son of a London butcher. His father wanted him to become a priest. But Daniel became a businessman instead.

2 Defoe also wrote articles and satirical pamphlets on different topics- politics, business, crime, marriage and psychology. Many people call him the father of British journalism. His articles often got him into trouble. He was arrested several times. He died in poverty in 1731 in London.

3 Defoe was the founder of fiction. He was nearly 60 when he wrote his first novel Robinson Crusoe. The book had a great success. It was the first novel, written in English and it was the first best-seller. Defoe used a true story of a Scottish castaway sailor called Alexander Selkirk.

1 Alexander Selkirk was a Scottish sailor who spent more than four years after being marooned on an island in the South Pacific Ocean

2 He was the son of a shoemaker in  Scotland, born in 1676.[3] In his youth, he displayed a stubborn character. He joined buccaneering expeditions to the South Sea One such expedition was on the ship Cinque Ports, commanded by William Dampier.

Alexander :I was a sailing master on the ship. We went to the island Más a Tierra to take food and fresh water. It is in the uninhabited Juan Fernández archipelago not far from Chile. I wanted to repair the ship. I said that I would rather be left on Juan Fernández than continue in a dangerous ship.

3 The captain didn’t agree. He granted his request and landed Selkirk on the island.

Alexander: I spent 4 years and four months on the island. I scanned the ocean every day for rescue, suffering from loneliness and misery. What did you eat ?Goats gave me meat and milk, I ate turnips, cabbage leaves, and dried pepper berries . Where did you live? I built two huts out of pepper trees, one for cooking and the other for sleeping. It is awful to have nobody to talk to, isn’t it? Yes ,I read the Bible every day not to forget the English language.

1 Alexander Selkirk  was rescued on the 2nd of February 1709 by an English ship under the captain Woodes Rogers He returned to privateering

2 An archaeological expedition to the Juan Fernández Islands in February 2005 found part of a naval instrument that could have belonged to Selkirk. The artefact was discovered while excavating a site not far from Selkirk's Lookout .

3 His story inspired Daniel Defoe to write a novel about Robinson Crusoe. It is an exciting novel about the life and adventures of a sailor.

Story-teller: Robinson Crusoe spent thirty years on a remote tropical island. Three years he lived on the island absolutely alone. Then a tribe of cannibals came. They killed and ate their prisoners. Robinson saved one of them and called him Friday.

Robinson: Don’t be afraid. You are safe.

Friday No!

Robinson:Come here. Sit down. What is your name? Today is Friday. You will be Friday! I am Robinson. You are Friday. Repeat!

Friday : I am Robinson. You are Friday.

Robinson:No! I am Robinson. You are Friday. Robinson. Friday.

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